We are a slack group of (primarily) postdoctoral researchers that are based within the UK or EU. We welcome anybody who is, or plans to be, based in either the UK or EU for their postdoctoral position (including final year PhD students and those who’ve left academia). We are currently over 280 members and growing!


Inspired by the ever brilliant Prachee Avasthi who created NewPI slack and following in the footsteps of Pearl Ryder, creater of FuturePI Slack, this new group aims to bring together postdocs from all disciplines working across the UK.


Jonny Coates (Twitter @JACoates)

Founder & Consultant

Efi Psomopoulou & Biswajit Podder

ECR seminar series organisers

Jennie Campbell & Supriya Khedkar & Efi Psomopoulou

Pathway to independence workshop organisers

Benefits of joining

Access to the Google Drive space – includes real grants and fellowship materials and funding databases. Also contains a repository of our seminars and workshops!

Career workshops – “Pathways to independence” and other workshops with ECRs and funders

ECR seminar series – be invited to give a talk and watch other ECRs talk about their research

Inclusive community – there are no PIs or funding representatives so you can talk openly and freely

Non-acc career seminars – hear about careers outside of academia direct fom those who’ve successfully left

Support for one-off seminars or talks – if you’d like to host a speaker or seminar then we can provide a zoom licence

*Many of these activities are currently being planned to take place late summer / early winter. Once they have taken place, recordings will be stored on the Google Drive for future members

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