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If you would like to join then reach out via email or on Twitter

To join our community please send an email directly or via the form below. Alternatively, you can reach out on Twitter. If you choose to email please include a link to a department or personal website to confirm that you are a postdoc or about to finish your PhD. This allows us to maintain an appropriate and safe community.

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FAQ’s & who can join

We are an open and inclusive community and therefore welcome almost anyone. However, to keep the community safe, on-topic and appropriate we do not allow Principle Investigators or Group Leaders to join. We also do not accept PhD students unless they are in their final year. Core facility staff and technicians may join so long as they are not running the facility and would be considered as ECR.

Q: I’m based in the EU, US, Asia can I still join?

A: Yes! As long as you intend to work in the UK or EU then you can join our community. We do currently have members from these places so come say hello

Q: Other than PI’s is there anybody else who can’t join?

We do not take PhD students outside of their final year or core facility staff that are considered as senior. In addition, if a postdoc is known to promote toxic behaviours then we will not admit these people to the community either. If you’re not planning on working in the UK/EU then this is probably not the right group – we suggest FuturePI slack or equivalent.

Q: How do you maintain an inclusive community?

A: We do not tolerate bullying, discriminatory or otherwise toxic behaviour within or outside of the community. If members raise any concerns then we will prevent/remove people who fail to adhere to these standards.

Q: How do I get access to the grant and fellowship examples?

A: These are currently stored on a separate part of the Google Drive. Simply send a request in the slack channel and you will be given access. By being granted access, you agree not to share these materials with anybody else or outside of the group

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